IT Park Chandigarh

The Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, also known as the Chandigarh IT Park, is one of Northern India's premier facilities for information technology. Enthusiasts of modern architecture and communications culture will enjoy touring these grounds. Learn about the multinational corporations that use its services as a communications hub.

This IT complex has been an ongoing project of the Chandigarh government in recent decades, providing office space for IT development and creating hundreds of jobs in the process. Firms using the space include IBM and Net-Solutions.

Pass underneath the buildings’ lengthy columns and marvel at the modern designs. For the best views of the complex, head to the central courtyard.

At the outer stretches of the Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, a number of spaces have been set aside for green space. Take in views of pleasing gardens and lawns that hold true to the Chandigarh concept of blending modernity with greenery. The forest land in the northeastern sector is a great place to sit under trees and relax.

After a taste of the modern world of technology, take a step back into history by browsing ancient statues and portraits at the nearby Government Museum and Art Gallery. Among the items on display here are Gandhara and Hindu sculptures, decorative arts and coins.

The Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park takes up 250 acres (101 hectares) of land adjacent to Sukha Lake in Chandigarh's east. It is just a few minutes' drives from the Chandigarh Airport and Chandigarh Railway Station. You can also get there by rickshaw.