elante officess

Available 3000 Square feet Office Space for Rent in the biggest Office complex of Chandigarh. the said space is in L&T Elante, Industrial and Business Park, Phase-1, Chandigarh.
The features of the office complex are mentioned below:-
1) Main Entrance for office is on the Eastern side.
2) Sunlit atriums.
3) Mixed use of high-performance Glass, Aluminum Louvers and Dholpur stone for façade.
4) 10 no's of Lifts and service cores planned for maximum flexibility and efficiency.
5) Two centrally placed service cores for easy working.
6) Accessible lobby washrooms catering for the special needs.
7) Large floor plate with flexibility for the suit to the office, scalable to match market needs. Salient Features
8) Rainwater harvesting
9) Low Flow Fixtures
10) Roof insulation will save 3 to 8% energy on HVAC system
11) High-Performance Glass ( SKN 154) & Aluminum Louvers to reduce HVAC load
12) Daylight cum cool light (CFL, T-5 lamps, LEDs)
13) 100% D.G backup